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ScoutMaster's Message

I hope you have come to this website looking for a great place to participate in Scouting. Scouting has brought so much to my life and I would not be the leader I am were it not for the lessons learned in Scouting.

Today there are so many options and activities for youth in Los Angeles and boys are struggling to do it all. 

I want you to seriously consider joining Scouting because it will make a difference in yours and others lives. I mean this both for the boys and the parents. 

No other program gives boys access to so much. Many adults will never participate in a leadership training program as good as the Boy Scouts. Many managers in business today struggle to master that which an experienced Senior Patrol Leader already knows. 

Many lives are saved every year through the actions and influence of current and former scouts. Ask yourself how many people where you work know CPR, first aid for hurry situations, the Heimlich Manuver and many other critical things that scouts are routinely trained in. 

If you are still not convinced then take 7 minutes and check out this video: